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A NEV, or a neighborhood electric vehicle, allows you to explore more of your world in a compact, convenient way. Not your typical golf cart, this neighborhood electric vehicle can easily be made street legal thanks to all of the standard parts included on a VIVID EV. Its lightweight, open-air design means packing in the good times (and people) in the great outdoors is a no-brainer. And our commitment to being all-electric means you can feel good about the miles you’re burning up around town.

It was all-electric or nothing at all. From the very start. When we created this NEV, we knew it had to be powered by lithium batteries. The Eco Battery® solution brought everything together in one smooth ride. While others are claiming to transition to all-electric, we jumped in from the get-go. No gas, lead acid or AGM batteries here at Vivid EV. We’re proudly all lithium, powering up for a greener tomorrow.

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