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Spring Cleaning For Your Golf Cart

With warm weather fast approaching, golf cart owners are taking their vehicles out of their garage and dusting them off for spring. Whether planning outdoor adventures or cruising between yard work and neighborhood errands, golf carts are a convenient way to get around.

The vehicles are also friendly to the environment, easily customizable, and fun to drive. If you want to enjoy this freedom of movement, your ride should be in tip-top shape for the upcoming season.

Here are some tips for spring cleaning electric golf carts.

Cleaning Electric Golf Carts the Right Way

Although washing improves the appearance of any vehicle, cleaning electric golf carts isn’t the same as washing regular cars. You risk damaging electrical components if you hose down your golf cart. First, gather supplies (like sponges, towels, soap, water, and buckets).

Next, find a suitable parking spot. For example, you can leave the cart on your driveway instead of on the lawn (where washing chemicals can ruin your grass).

The next step is prepping the vehicle. You could remove mats, seat covers, and any personal items prone to water damage. If your tires are muddy, use a hose to remove the dirt and any debris below the vehicle.

When it comes to plastic, dip a microfiber cloth in a dish soap-water mixture and wipe down the surface before rinsing it off with a rag—additionally, clean aluminum parts with the recommended cleaner and restorer.

Don’t forget to disinfect high-touch surfaces and apply polish for a glistening look.

Inspect Your Tires

Most golf carts run on 15-25 PSI of tire pressure. While under-inflated wheels wear unevenly on the sidewalls and treads, over-inflation reduces traction and shrinks tires from the center.

Also, check the wheels for misalignment. An alignment is due if your tire wears irregularly or the steering wheel looks crooked when driving straight. It’s not uncommon for curbs, holes, and rocks to throw your wheels off balance.

In addition, stick to the designated terrain. For example, avoid off-roading with standard street tires. If you’re driving on mixed terrain, use a lift kit for better suspension and install off-road tires.

Avoid Undue Maintenance with Lithium-Powered Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries defeat their lead-acid alternatives in many aspects, including:

  • Lithium batteries charge faster. While lead-acid options take around eight hours to fully charge, lithium-ion batteries can achieve this in under three hours.

  • They have an extended life cycle. Lithium-ion batteries offer 3,000-5,000 charge cycles compared to traditional batteries, which only allow 1,000 cycles.

  • Best of all—they require ZERO maintenance. No water levels to check or fill. Just charge and go!

  • Maintain consistent power. No matter the remaining charge, you don’t have to worry about power loss.

Cleaning electric golf carts is the first step to enjoying your vehicle this spring. Are you looking for memorable rides with friends and family? Contact us today to find the right vehicle. We proudly carry Club Car Onward golf carts, EPIC and ICON EV street legal golf carts, GEM car and more!


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