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New ICON EV i40 street legal golf carts. No maintenance AGM batteries. Digital speedometer. Digital battery meter. Backup camera. Rear seats lay flat. Top speed 25 mph. Seatbelts. Mirrors. LED headlights, taillights and turn signals. 

BEST SELLER! The ICON i40 four seater golf cart is the epitome of perfection when it comes to residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re taking your friends to lunch, or transporting potential clients, the ICON i40 is stylish and extremely comfortable. Plus, it’s loaded with premium features like 10′′ aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, powder coated steel chassis, lights, turn signals, high-speed rear ends, durable front and rear bumpers, painted rooftops, horns, digital gauges, and more! The ICON EV i40 comes standard with (6) 8V sealed maintenance-free AGM batteries, an upgraded 48V ICON 5KW 3 Phase High Torque motor and controller for top notch performance!

ICON EV i40 white.jpg
ICON EV i40: About
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